Are you sick of over-complicated and boring business analysis reports that hardly anyone can understand and no one’s interested in?

Now you have access to one of the simplest, plain language business analysis software applications available!

It’s field proven and used by professional management consultants every day, and they love it for its simplicity.

Not only is it simple but it has some great features:

Our business analysis software will provide you with a comprehensive project planning road map.

The program even rates a businesses performance across each key area of business functionality and provides scores in each function.

Once you’ve completed the Diagnostic questionnaire, at the push of one button, you can produce a report that pin points the specific areas within each function of the business and shows you where to focus your attention; it also suggests what could be done to improve each area.Your prospective clients will be impressed and you will have created your own project plan within 60-90 minutes, paid for by your client! Business owners and managers receive a comprehensive snap shot of their businesses performance and you can quickly develop action plans based on your reports recommendations.

Your clients will be impressed by your ability to easily benchmark their business and provide useful advice on how they can improve in each area.

We develop entire 12-24 month projects from the output of these reports.

As an independent consultant you can set this as the foundation for your consulting business. Our business analysis software system gives you the ability to instantly provide value to your existing and prospective clients. It also provides you with a clear pathway to follow for business improvement, and long term project planning.

Plus you can re-diagnose the business at the conclusion of your project and produce actual ratings against the businesses original performance.

This is a simple practical Business Analysis tool built by consultants for consultants.

Its user friendly interface will save you hours and even days compared to traditional analysis and report writing methods.

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